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Sandcastle Waterpark

Distance from the cottages 7.5 miles

Sandcastle Waterpark is located in a key position on the sea front at South Beach in Blackpool. This major visitor attraction prides itself on welcoming all visitors and has paid special attention to ensuring an excellent visitor experience for individuals and families with a wide variety of easy access needs. Starting when visitors enter the centre, emphasis is placed on enabling visitors with disabilities to access all the facilities on offer to the best of their ability. A meet and greet service is available and if required assistance can be provided with check-in which includes a low level counter.
An ambassador is on hand to assist and visitors who require the facility will be directed to the dedicated poolside wet-room changing area which includes a full changing bed. Since our visit the the park have added a second wet-room changing area that is equipped with an H-track hoist system, adjustable sink, toilet, full adult size changing bed and a range of accessibility aids.
Although this is a popular 'all weather' attraction that receives a large number of visitors, extensive refurbishment has created a feeling of space and light within the main public areas.
There is a quiet cooler area within the First Aid/Triage post where if required visitors can self-administer medication or rest see photo 8.
The main changing area accessed via a lift also has a designated easier access cubicle and low level access to facilities such as mirrors and hairdryers.

+ Designated Disabled car parking (six spaces in the adjacent car park with 3 hours free for blue badge holders) 
+ Hard surfaced car park
+ Level/ramped wheelchair access to entrance (ramped from car park) 
+ Level/ramped wheelchair access into venue (level) 
+ Concessionary fee for wheelchair user (and for visitors with other disabilities) 
+ Concessionary fee for carer
+ Easy access around ground floor/area of site
+ Wheelchair access to other floors (Access down to the main changing area is via a lift with alternate entrance and exit) 
+ lift controls at accessible height (and room for two carers/companions if required) 

+ Changing place (two wet rooms one with H track hoist) 
+ Wheelchair accessible toilet/toilets (several on site) 
+ Grab rails in toilet
+ Easy access to wash basin
+ easy access to hand dryer/towels
+ Wheelchair turning space in accessible toilet
+ Space for left transfer to toilet (left hand in the wet-room facility) 
+ Space for right transfer to toilet (right hand transfer in the designated toilet by the check-in) 
+ Room for carer/carers in accessible toilet (several in the wet-room changing facility) 

+ Level/ramped access to shop (level) 
+ Level/ramped access to cafe/tearoom 
+ Accessible counter/cutlery if self service
+ Sufficient wheelchair access to tables
+ Wheelchair accessible picnic area
+ Wheelchair accessible picnic table/tables (3 designated tables)

+ Assistance dogs welcome (these can be left in a cooler place with a spending area) 
+ Wheelchair loan/hire (4 water accessible chairs available) 
+ Hearing loop (these are located at reception and in all the outlets and the centre also a poolside ambassador who can sign please contact the centre beforehand if you would like this facility) 
+ Special access to exhibits for visually impaired (large print and braille signage near entrance large print leaflets/menus available on request) 
+ Wheelchair access to interactive exhibits (ramped access directly into the pool)

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