Sensory Room & Hydrotherapy Pool T&C’s

Sensory Room & Hydrotherapy Pool T&C’s

1. In case of an emergency
1.1. Ring the alarm or shout for help (there will be someone outside the pool during your session)
1.2. Keep your mobile nearby to call the emergency services in the event of a swimming pool accident.
1.3. All adults must know the address: Brickhouse Farm, Brickhouse Lane, Hambleton, FY6 9BG (what 3 words – ///firewall.clocked.blockage)
1.4. Adults must inform children to call for help if adults are in danger.

2. Legal Bit
2.1. A contract between the hirer (you) and the owner (Brickhouse Cottages Ltd including members of staff) will come into existence when booking is made either online or by phone and you are thereby agree to be bound by them. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights and can be found on both your booking confirmation email and our website.
2.2. The owner hires to the pool to the hirer and their party for their own private use and is responsible for all members of the party. A lifeguard is not in attendance and the owner is not responsible for actions of people in the pool.
2.3. The hirer is responsible for the good conduct of all members of its group during the hire period along with the preservation of the equipment provided and surrounding area. They must also ensure that any children or vulnerable adults are accompanied by an adult and always supervised.
2.4. The owner requires that at a minimum there should be 1 person in the pool with any children / vulnerable adults and 1 additional person poolside. Should you be a lone swimmer hiring the pool to use on your own or are 1 to 1 care, please let reception staff know prior to your session.
2.5. There is an alarm (doorbell) button located at the side of the pool and there will be a person sat at reception just outside of the pool should any emergency happen.
2.6. The owner will ensure water checks are carried out and it is safe for the hirer to swim and will carry out visual checks on the pool & changing room area’s and equipment between sessions. This also applies to checking the sensory room.
2.7. The owner has CCTV in operation within the grounds and Lakeside building, including within the pool and sensory room and is registered with Information Commissioner Office. This excludes areas where people have a heightened expectation of privacy, such as changing rooms.
2.8. Please use our equipment with care as maintenance, replacements and repairs are expensive and we want to be able to provide you and future customers with this service.

3. Bookings
3.1. Bookings are accepted at the discretion of the owner and are secured by payment at least 48 hours in advance of the session.
3.2. Pool Bookings
3.2.1. Pool sessions are 45mins in the pool from the o’clock to the quarter to and you must be out of the pool and off poolside by 10mins to the next hour. (eg session is at 2pm, you can get in the pool from 2pm and you must start getting out of the pool at 2.45pm be off poolside by 2.50pm)
3.2.2. The extra 10mins where you are off poolside are for us to carry out visual checks of the pool to ensure safety of the next hirer.
3.2.3. We recommend you arrive for your session “beach ready” 15mins before your booking time.
3.2.4. You will be allocated 1 changing room only for the full time of your session and it will be ready from quarter to the session time. You have this until half past the hour after your session has ended (eg session is at 2pm you have 1 changing room from 1.45pm to 3.30pm) The changing places facility is also available with an additional shower if needed.
3.2.5. Belongings are left at your own risk
3.2.6. Please leave the changing room as you found it and take all personal belongings with you.
3.3. Sensory bookings
3.3.1. Sessions can be booked in half hour / hour blocks. Please allow time within your session for hoisting, tidying and entering / leaving the room.
3.3.2. Sensory room is not supervised and we suggest having at least 1 competent adult in the room at all times.
3.3.3. Please ensure any equipment used is put back how it was found and the hoist is put back on charge.

4. Cancellations / Refunds
4.1. If your booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, no refund will be given. Anything cancelled before 24 hours can either be refunded or moved to an available / suitable date.
4.2. Any refunds that are made out with these conditions are considered on a case-by-case basis and are made as a gesture of goodwill only. These payments will not set a precedent for any future cancellations / refunds.

5. Pool Rules and Your Liability
5.1. Under no circumstances should any electrical items be taken into or dropped into the pool. This includes hoists and hoist handsets. This may result electric shock or damage to equipment.
5.2. The owners reserve their rights to charge for damage to equipment due to misuse or accident.
5.3. Do not allow a person within your Group, who may have a contagious illness (including diarrhoea) to swim. All Members of your Group must be physically fit enough to be in the pool.
5.4. No footwear allowed into the changing rooms or around the pool unless wearing a protective cover which are provided by the door to the pool. All footwear must be left in the changing room.
5.5. Do not swim after consuming a heavy meal or after alcohol, strong medication or prescribed/recreational drugs (unless approved by your doctor).
5.6. You must shower before entering the pool as this reduced the need for extra chemicals in the pool. Items such as perfumes, body lotions, hair products fake tan etc can contaminate the water and you may be charged for this.
5.7. For sanitary purposes, we respectfully request that any incontinent person wears swim pants (We advise that neoprene nappies be worn over any disposable swimwear).
5.8. If the pool is soiled (vomit or faeces etc) a charge of £250 will imply to the named user along with the cost to refund any sessions that were cancelled due to this.
5.9. Do not leave any floats or toys in the pool when the pool is not in use.
5.10. No running or jumping around the pool area
5.11. Please make yourself familiar with the spinal board on poolside and be competent in CPR and First Aid.
5.12. No food, drink or glassware allowed in the pool.

6. Sensory Room Rules / Your Liability
6.1. No food or drink, or hazardous items should be taken into the sensory room.
6.2. Any damages that occur will be charged back to the lead hirer and will include any sessions which have to be cancelled because of these damages.
6.3. If you require to be shown how to use the equipment, please advise staff prior to your visit and a short explanation of the programmes will be provided.
6.4. No standing or jumping on the Vibro-acoustic-heated-waterbed.

7. Pool Details
7.1. The swimming pool measures approx.6mx5m and has a maximum water depth of approximately 1.4m.
7.2. There are easy access steps up and down into the pool with handrails on each side which leads to a raised platform. This platform creates a shallow ledge which allows for physical therapy and to aid with walking. 2 underwater small steps leading to the deeper part of the pool. At the other side of the ledge there is an underwater seat.
7.3. There is a lowered side of the pool (next to the window) which can be used for people happy to side transfer. In addition to this we have an H-track hoist system which goes directly through to each of the changing rooms.
7.4. Please be mindful that the hoist may be required for the session either before or after yours for lifting to / from shower trolly.
7.5. Our pool is fitted with a counter current which can be used to swim against during your session. If you wish to use this feature please ask at reception to switch on and off.

8. Sensory Room Items
8.1. Vibro-acoustic-heated-waterbed – warm bed allows users to feel the vibrations of your own chosen music through the ripple of the water.
8.2. Infinity Tunnel – 4 coloured “soft touch” switches can be used to create reward based on programme selected or used as a fantastic visual display of moving lights
8.3. Interactive bubble tube – can be changed colour using the 8 way switch or to switch bubbles off completely
8.4. Interactive rainbow light – a disco ball that can scroll through programmes using the 8 way switch
8.5. Colour Creator – these wall mounted LED lights can be changed using the 8 way switch or can be on a gentle rainbow chase setting for a more calming effect. They can also be sound activated to promote vocalisation
8.6. Step Light – can be either sound activated or automatic and has a gentle build up of lights in a bar graph / random way.
8.7. Fibre optic carpet and fibre optic strands – to be used for touch or creates a stunning visual effect
8.8. Multiple small sensory toys and books are left in the room for you to use for your session

9. Ceiling track hoists
9.1. Our hoists are maintained in accordance with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) by competent persons.
9.2. We carry out checks on the equipment between users, however we stronglu suggest that you carry out your own checks and notify reception if you find any defects as soon as possible.
9.3. Basic visual checks should be carried out prior to each use.
9.4. Should you find any issues with the hoist please do not use and contact Brickhouse staff as a matter of urgency.
9.5. We recommend you use your own sling and bring both a wet and dry sling if you are looking to use the pool. However, in case of emergency we do have a range of slings that have been inspected for use. These slings are used your own risk and Brickhouse Farm Cottages hold no liability for misuse or ill-fitting of a sling hired to you.

10. Complaints
10.1. In the event of there being cause for complaint concerning either a Hydro or Sensory session, the matter shall be taken up with the owner as soon as possible. It is important that this is done whilst you are still on site so that an “on the spot” investigation can be made if necessary and remedial action taken if required.
10.2. In no circumstances will compensation be considered for complaints raised after the session has come to end when the guests have denied the owners the opportunity of investigating the complaint and to remedy matters during / after the session.

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